What We Do


We repair and restore all fretted stringed instruments to include guitars, both electric and acoustic, banjos, and mandolins. We also restore instruments in the viol family to include violins, violas, and cellos.

We sell and install a variety of pick-up systems to amplify your instrument.

We offer appraisals of stringed instruments for insurance purposes.


H.B. Woodsongs and Woodsong’s Lutherie are nearly synonymous, after over thirty years of partnership in the music business. H.B. represents many fine lines of acoustic instruments, accessories, and music. Sharing the same location these many years has been of great mutual benefit. We are family!

We are also proud to partner with Wildwood Guitars in Louisville, Colorado. For many years, we have provided service for their local clients, as well as adjusting and prepping each guitar prior to shipment to customers around the world. Because of their unique relationship with Gibson and Fender Guitars, they are able to offer custom guitars not found anywhere else.

Woodsong’s Lutherie is an Authorized Repair shop for the following great American Guitar Companies:

Additionally, we are the only “Gold Certified” Taylor Factory authorized repair shop in Colorado, and one of only thirty, Fender Custom Care shops in the world!